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이름 (장학생 구분, 졸업 년도)

졸업후 진로

현 근무지

이재원 (국비, 2011.2)



박평원 (국비, 2011.2)



박동민 (국비, 2011.2)



김재욱 (국비, 2011.2)














이름 (장학생 구분)

졸업후 진로

현 근무지























2012. 08

    상진우     석사 졸업 (EPSS)   -    Samsung Electronics

<Low-Noise Digital Phase Locked Loop using Reference Multiplication with Adaptive Calibration>


2012. 02 

    이재원     박사 졸업 (국비)    -    Samsung Electronics, Korea

<Analysis and Design of High-speed On-Chip Interconnect Transceiver with Crosstalk and ISI Equalizer>


    박평원     박사 졸업 (국비)   -    Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

<Techniques of Low-Noise PLLs for Frequency Synthesis and Clock Generation>


    최형택     석사 졸업 (국비)  -    Hyundai Mobis, Korea

<Time-interleaved Single Slope ADC using Counter-based TDC>


2011. 08 

    박동민     박사 졸업 (국비)    –     Qualcomm Inc., U.S.A.

<Design of a Low-Power and a Low Noise Phase-Locked Loop>


    이정협     박사 졸업 (국비)    -     A*STAR, Singapore

<Low Power CMOS Reference Clock Oscillator>



2011. 02

    김재욱     박사 졸업  (국비)  -    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.A.

<Analysis and Design of Time-Based Analog-to-Digital Converter Using Ring Voltage-Controlled Oscillator>


   이성파     석사 졸업  (국비)   -    Fairchild Semiconductor, Korea

<A Background Kdco compensation and Low Noise Multi-Reference All Digital Phase-Locked Loop>

    추강엽     석사 졸업 (EPSS)    -    Samsung Electronics, Korea

<A Low Power Bio Impedance Measurement System>


2010. 2.

    조민창     석사 졸업 (EPSS)   -    Samsung Electronics, Korea

<A Low Power Analog Front-End for Bio-Impedance Measurement Using Small Body Area>


    한재현     석사 졸업  (국비)  -    Fairchild Semiconductor, Korea

<A Low Noise Digital Phase-Locked Loop with Quantization Noise Suppression and Loop Delay Reduction Techniques>

    김성진     석사 졸업 (EPSS)   -    Samsung Electronics, Korea

<Time Domain Algebraic Operation Circuits for High Performance Mixed-Mode System>


    이준희     박사 졸업 (국비)   -    Samsung Electronics, Korea

<A Digital-Intensive RF Sampling Receiver for Multi-Mode Multi-Band Applications>



2009. 2.

  전세형     석사 졸업   (EPSS) -    Samsung Electronics, Korea 

<Design of Neural Recording and Stimulation IC using Time - varying Magnetic Field>


    손우곤     석사 졸업  (국비)  -    LG Electronics CTO, Korea

<A Digital Phase-Locked Loop with Phase Detector Quantization Noise Suppression Techniques>


    윤영규     석사 졸업  (국비)  -    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

<Time-Based RF Sampling Bandpass ADC using Voltage-Controlled Oscillators>


2008. 6. 

    구연우     박사 졸업  (EPSS)  -    Samsung Electronics, Korea

<Design and Implementation of Low Phase Noise VCO for Power Aware Frequency synthesizer>



2008. 2.

    장태광     석사 졸업  (국비)  -    Samsung Electronics, Korea

<Analysis and Design of Voltage-Controlled Oscillator based Analog-to-Digital Converter>


    김성준     석사 졸업  (EPSS)  -    Samsung Electronics, Korea

<A 100 to 200 MHz Area-efficient LC-VCO based Clock Generator in 130nm CMOS>


2006. 8. 

    하소명     석사 졸업   (국비) -    Univ. of California @ San Diego.

<On-chip Low-Power Sub-picosecond Jitter-Measurement Circuit for Low-Jitter Clock Generator>


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